A Whole Month Of Handmade Earrings!

Hi everyone!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole month with Arias Design Co. It’s been a little bit wild!

Launching a business in the midst of a global pandemic is up there as one of my bolder ideas, but hey, you never know until you go. And it’s been a good go of it so far! I’ve never run a business before as I’ve always been employed in full time roles (usually sat in an office building somewhere!) but I have to say I am loving the challenges it presents. I love the level of control I have over the entire creative process. And I really, really love that I can take naps in between making earrings.  

Seeing as you’ve all been so wonderfully supportive while we navigate our first month of trading, I figured it’s only fair that you get a bit of an update into how things are going.

Hopefully you’ve noticed that Arias Design Co donate 20% of proceeds to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. This is a cause that I hold very, very close to my heart as both myself and close family members have unfortunately suffered with mental illness in past and present. There is so much more work to be done in the mental health space, and I really hope that Arias Design Co can continue to support such an important cause.

If you follow us on Instagram (which you should be, think giveaways & sneak peeks!) you might remember seeing a post about some Petal Studs which were donated to another local business, Glam Galore Parties, to include in their goody bags for a charity event. I am strong believer of the idea that businesses should always put humanity before profits (hey, if little old me can do it, why can’t those big billion dollar entities?) and for me, a huge part of that, is offering to help out wherever I can, in whichever way I can. That means donations and gifts will be a huge part of Arias Design Co, as well as giving back and paying it forward wherever possible.

For now, our goal is simple: make beautiful earrings and raise mental health awareness in our communities. With your support, anything is possible.

So a massive, massive, thank you to those who have placed an order with us over the last month. Your support allows me to continue working towards this dream, and truly does keep me going.

All my best, always

Saira x

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