Earrings For Education - Meet The Kaleydo Collection

I'm so excited to share our latest collection with you!

Earrings For Education

The Kaleydo Collection is an ocean inspired collection of handmade polymer clay earrings, created to help raise money for tuition fees to support a friend from Indonesia through his studies. 100% of sales proceeds will be donated directly.

We met back in 2017 (feels like a lifetime ago!) when I was travelling through Indonesia with a friend. At the time, our friend was working in the tourism industry, hoping to improve his English skills by learning from the guests that passed through. We quickly became friends and have stayed in touch since.

Unfortunately, he was one of many people who's livelihoods was heavily affected by the pandemic - an ordeal made even more stressful as the pandemic coincided with the arrival of his first baby girl.

Since then we've been helping out where we can. One day, we were having a conversation about dreams and goals. We looked into the possibility of bringing him and his family to New Zealand for work but unfortunately that wasn't possible. So we started to look for other ways that we could help to support him through these challenging times.

His dream to study English still rang true, and so eventually we made the decision to enrol him into school. Once his Diploma is completed, the qualification will hopefully allow him to find more stable work and ultimately provide for his wife and young daughter - an opportunity that everyone deserves.

Our first Kaleydo collection launched in 2021 and with your support and compassion we successfully raised the $1000 NZD to cover the first year's tuition fees - an incredible achievement!

So here we are again with a brand new collection of ocean inspired jewellery - hoping to raise another $1000 NZD to cover this terms fees. 100% of the proceeds from the earrings will be donated and the tuition is due in August, so fingers crossed with your support we can make it happen!

Handmade Ocean Inspired Jewellery

This year's collection features an array of cool toned teals and blues, reminiscent of the crystal clear water on the island where we met our friend. As usual, all earring findings are hypoallergenic and suitable for those with sensitive ears.

With a total of twelve different styles, there's a pair of earrings to suit everyone! There's classic, everyday stud earrings like the Pebble Studs (for those who can't get enough of minimalist jewellery) and the Riptide Studs (dainty, but with added oomph!) - both of which are the perfect choice for those who would love to support our Earrings for Education initiative without breaking the bank.

Of course, it wouldn't be an Arias Design Co collection without a couple of pairs of delicate floral earrings in the mix! This time the flower of choice is frangipani - those sweet smelling, perfectly symmetrical florals that take you straight back to a tropical paradise. Sitting pretty on a soft blue base, we've kept the shape of these earrings simple, making sure the shape doesn't distract from the gentle beauty of the real sand speckled through the polymer clay pieces. As well as the traditional drop earrings, we also have huggies available.

On to the statement pieces! A couple of our nature inspired styles have been given a Kaleydo makeover, with dreamy shades of teal against an ivory base, reminiscent of those gentle waves lapping against a white sandy beach. Both the Ocean Arch Earrings and Ocean Disc Earrings connect to the ear with a muted teal stud topper.

Fancy something a little more romantic? The Tablet Pearl earrings feature a real pearl to accent a gorgeous seascape of pale blues. And if real pearls aren't your thing, the Pearl Teardrop earrings are fitted with a dainty imitation pearl stud instead.

In classic Arias style, there's also a few standalone styles that are designed to demand attention - the Diamond Bar earrings feature a gold plated stainless steel hook for a touch of elegance, while the Diamond Trim earrings - available in either Calm or Storm - take handmade earrings to the next level with their unique, groovy marbled effect combined with colour blocking. The Riptide Disc earrings join them there, with their striking swirls brought to the surface with the resin finish.

We've worked hard to ensure that our Kaleydo Collection has a variety of different styles and patterns as we want to give you jewellery that you truly treasure while also raising funds to support our friends studies.

You can shop the full Kaleydo Collection here - and we'd love it if you helped us spread the word!

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