How Do Custom Orders Work?

Looking for a reason to order a custom pair of earrings?

I have been known to be a little bit dramatic from time to time but I really do mean it when I say the possibilities for custom made earrings are endless. So far, our earrings have been the finishing touch on outfits for special moments such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, anniversary gifts and birthday presents - the list keeps growing and it's genuinely such an honour to create such special pieces of custom jewellery for you.

If this is your first time ordering a pair of personalised earrings - whether it's for you or for someone you care about - it can be a little bit daunting to know where to begin. It's such a cool idea to have your own pair of earrings made especially for the wearer (particularly if they're made slowly by hand, like ours), although we know the options could seem a little overwhelming at first!

Here we'll take you through the process of ordering custom earrings online with Arias Design Co, so you can see exactly how we work, and why we're the best choice when it comes to commissioning your own bespoke pair of earrings.

NZ Earrings, Like No Other

There's usually three ways a custom order comes to life:

1. You'll have a vision in your mind of exactly what you want, you just need our skills to turn it into reality. A basic design will start at $30 and will increase accordingly according to the complexity of the earrings.

2.You'll have one fixed detail in mind with the rest open to our imagination and creative lead. We can work with as little or as much detail as you've got to give. Again, custom orders of this type usually start at $30 and will be higher depending on how intricate your earrings are.

3.You've fallen in love with a pair of our earrings, and want a version tailored specifically to your aesthetic. This is our most straightforward option - perfect for those who know in their heart they want their own unique pair of earrings, but aren't sure where to start! If this sounds like you, get in touch here. This service starts at an additional $5 per pair of earrings, again dependent on the complexity of the design and your chosen variations.

Most of the enquiries that we get for custom statement earrings fall into the second category, and it's here where we can channel your own individuality into your new jewellery. We've been sent all sorts as reference photos - dresses (for earrings that match your favourite outfit!), colour schemes (a great starting point if you're looking for earrings for a specific event (cough cough bridesmade earrings cough cough), fine art (looking at you, Handpainted Sunflower Earrings!) and even the recipients own artwork for a truly personal gift!

Statement Earrings, Just For You

Step One:
Contact us either here or on social media and let us know what it is you're looking for. Once we know the level of detail and ideas for the design that you already have in mind, we'll ask you further questions regarding colours, style and materials to create a bespoke brief tailored to your exact taste.

Step Two:
We will provide you with basic sketches with different options of your idea for you to choose your favourite. We can offer options at different price points if this is your first time ordering custom made earrings, or if you aren't quite sure of your budget yet. One thing is certain, our earrings are always good value, affordable and unique. This is the time to let your ideas flow - it's such a fun part of the earring making process!

Step Three:
Once you have confirmed which design you would like to proceed with we will send you a link to order the custom earrings via our website. You will receive an order confirmation via email. If this is a gift and you haven't told us already, let us know so we can wrap it with a lovely bow. All of our earrings come beautifully wrapped in eco friendly packaging too, meaning it's either recyclable or compostable.

Step Four:
Let us work our magic behind the scenes and bring your idea to life! You can choose to have photos of the finished earrings sent to you once they are completed, or you can choose to keep it a surprise!

Step Five
Hands down the best part - our courier will deliver you your brand new earrings in a carefully wrapped parcel. We'd love to see your photos, so don't forget to tag us on Instagram!

It's time to get dreaming of what your perfect pair of earrings would look like... 

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