Reintroducing the Faux Stone Collection

The Original Crystal Clay Earrings

Back in May 2021, one of the first styles of clay earrings to to hit Arias Design Co was a mini collection of faux rose quartz drop earrings. There were just three styles in that first collection - it's crazy to reminisce!

Since then we’ve had a lot of fun refining and polishing up (no pun intended) our rose quartz designs, getting ever closer to that perfectly organic finish. It didn't take long until we added a couple of new 'stones' to the line up - howlite and obsidian - and our Faux Stone range was born.

Resin Polymer Clay EarringsAdding Resin To Polymer Clay Earrings

As my arsenal of polymer clay tools and materials grew, I started incorporating resin into the odd pair of stone earrings every now and then, each time falling head over heels in love with the ultra glossy finish it gave. The resin took the faux stone earrings to a new level, and the designs came pouring out of me. I couldn't stop creating, loving the endless combinations of shapes you could put together. What felt like five minutes later (apparently it was actually hours), a new collection was starting to form in front of me. From tiny, dainty studs to extravagant statement pieces, it was all there!

Clay Jewellery, Handmade Locally in New Zealand

After an excruciatingly long time spent deciding on which earring shapes would best capture the magnificent effect of this polymer clay technique, I've settled on my favourite designs of the bunch (I've narrowed it down to NINE, so you can see it was tough to choose) and my one woman earring production line is in full swing! I am so excited to share this new collection with you guys. It's really something. Clean lines and soft curves compliment the organic finish of the clay pieces beautifully – with an understated impact that’s both delicate and bold, polished and organic.

A Range Of Handmade Earring Options

Faux Stone Polymer Clay JewelleryI’ve included a range of earring types so there is something for all tastes, from the daintiest everyday studs to elegantly cascading hoops. Eagle eyed earring pals will notice a few new shapes too – including mini hexagon studs and a (newly declared) favourite of mine, the quad stud earrings. As usual, our new range of faux stone clay earrings are super lightweight and easy to wear throughout the day and into the night – just be sure to take them off before tucking in for your beauty sleep!

Slow Made, Small Batch Jewellery

The release date for these earrings will be on Thursday April 7th at 6pm!

There’s only going to be a limited amount of each style available and these won’t immediately be restocked, so don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to get notified on the day they drop - I'll also be sending you a cheeky discount code. If you’re a first time customer with Arias Design Co it’s a good shout to sign up to the mailing list anyway so you can get $10 off your first order over $30. This is also the first planned release where worldwide shipping is now available so you may want to set an alarm this time!

Hope you enjoy shopping the new release, my wonderful earring pals!

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