Stainless Steel Earrings vs Sterling Silver Earrings

Since we've recently added 925 sterling silver hooks and stud as an option on some of our existing earrings - and will continue to include them in future releases too - we figured it makes sense to break down some of the differences between them and the stainless steel earring findings we usually use.

Neither sterling silver nor stainless steel is better than the other - each metal has it's own pros and cons when it comes to jewellery design, so ultimately the choice is down to personal preference!

Among the reasons we decided to use stainless steel hooks and posts for our earrings originally was that we think they strike a great balance of durability, affordability and hypoallergenic properties. Because they can withstand everyday wear and tear without tarnishing or going dull, they are a great choice if you want jewellery you can wear throughout your usual day to day routine without having to constantly remove it and put it back on again.

Stainless steel is also hypoallergenic - meaning it's very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and can be worn my most people, even those with sensitive skin.

The one very small downside of stainless steel earrings is that the silver finish isn't as bright as sterling silver - apart from that it's a really well rounded option for the handmade jewellery we make for you!

When you look at 925 sterling silver jewellery, it does have that unmistakable bright shine that other metals struggle to match. They are hypoallergenic too, but silver is a more expensive metal than stainless steel and this is reflected in the price of the earrings.

Sterling silver is usually seen as the more premium option of the two, and is an incredibly versatile and beautiful metal, although larger pieces of silver used for some earrings do require regular cleaning to keep tarnishing at bay. Saying that, caring for your jewellery can be quite a relaxing activity and so this isn't seen as a negative by everyone! 

When you weigh up the pros and cons of stainless steel earrings and sterling silver earrings, you'll see that ultimately it's down to you! There is no right or wrong material - as long as you're shopping for lightweight, hypoallergenic handmade jewellery then either will work perfectly.

You can shop our current selection of 925 Sterling Silver earrings here, or head over to the All Earrings collection to find all of our stainless steel options - both original silver and gold plated.



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