What are your earrings made with?

Our core material for our earrings is polymer clay. Despite the name, polymer clay is actually a PVC based putty (plastic) rather than a mineral clay. It's a great medium that allows us the flexibility to really get creative with our designs! We take care to ensure any metal components of our earrings that come into direct contact with your skin are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive ears. Most of our earring fixings are made with either silver plated, stainless or surgical steel findings - please check each individual product page for specific material information. If you've purchased a pair of earrings from our More Than Clay collection and need to confirm which materials were used to make the charms, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Are the larger earrings heavy to wear?

Nope, not at all! One of the best things about using polymer clay to create our artisan earrings is that they are super lightweight. All of our jewellery is intentionally designed to be wearable, and that includes comfort - what's the point in gorgeous earrings that hurt after they've been in your ears for a couple of hours? Even pieces from our More Than Clay collection have been created with weight in mind, ensuring the overall weight of the charms that we use do not compromise their wearability.

Do you ship to New Zealand only?

We can ship our earrings anywhere you like! If you can't see your country when it comes to checkout, simply send us a message on social media or via our Contact Us page with your address, and we'll add the shipping option for you to select. Every time we get an order for a new country, we add that country to our shipping options permanently, so if you don't see yours listed that means you'll be the first in the nation to own a pair of Arias Design Co earrings. How special is that?

Can you do local pick up in Auckland?

As much as we would LOVE to offer local pick up for our Auckland clients, it isn't something that we are able to offer all of the time and so it's best to include shipping in your order if you can. However, if you are needing a pair of our earrings urgently (it happens, we get it!) as a gift or just in time for a big night out, do get in touch via social media or our contact page to see if collection is possible sooner.

Why have you chosen to support Mental Health Awareness?

Mental Health and Illness is a cause very close to our hearts, both because of first hand experience and also due to witnessing the impact of mental health issues on family members we have since lost. You can read more about how our earrings help to Lend An Ear for better mental health here, and to learn more about the origin of Arias Design Co and the story of our founder, Saira, click here.

What makes your earrings eco-friendly?

The terms 'eco friendly' and 'sustainability' can be a bit of a grey area, so we want to be completely transparent with you. It's true that polymer clay is a type of plastic, however we take all possible steps to minimise our impact on the environment during the each stage of our jewellery making process. Our packaging is fully recyclable or compostable (apart from one sticker), and we do not throw away any clay waste - in fact, we don't even have any clay waste, as its constantly being re-used and remixed into new colour palettes for the next batch!

Do you have a physical store in Auckland?

WeΒ can dream! For the time being our only store is our online store, although we do try and attend at least one local craft market in Auckland per month, hopefully more! Be sure to follow us on Instagram or sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date with our next market stall - we often give away discount vouchers and have exclusive earrings available!