How Earring Height Is Measured Across Styles

Due to the variance between different styles of earrings and the findings used - think hook length compared to studs - it's not always possible to give you the exact measurements of each of the many available options. Instead, we display the height of the earrings on our website with the following definitions:

Earring height includes decorative top pieces and clay top pieces.

Earring height excludes standard findings such as hooks, hoops, ball studs and huggies.

Standard Polymer Clay Earring Height

Earring Height Excluding Standard Findings

For earrings where you are able to choose from multiple styles (e.g. hooks, ball studs, hoops or huggies) the height measures the length of the main piece of the earring, but does not include the findings and any rings that connect the main piece to the findings.

Decorative Stud Earrings & Polymer Clay Stud Earrings Height Guide

Earring Height Including Decorative Top Pieces & Clay Top Pieces

Earrings shown with either a decorative top piece of a polymer clay top piece will have the height listed as the full length of the earring.

If you have any questions about the measurements of a particular style - get in touch!